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Royal West strives to develop all our youth soccer players into confident athletes! Our affiliate program, Higher Level Sports Academy, is tailored to the ability of the individual player, so whether we are working with beginner or intermediate players, Academy is beneficial for everyone. Through Academy sessions, players get more contact on the ball, begin to build confidence in their sport, and learn to compete.

Academy training and team practices are two different aspects of our competitive soccer program. Team practice is instructed by the Head Coach. They will teach positions and formations, attacking and defensive strategies, communication and working together with your team. Academy sessions focus on learning and mastering technical skills to become more confident and successful in gameplay.  

Through a wide range of activities, players work on fitness, footwork, and agility. 

The academy approach for competitive soccer teams is consistent across the city, however, each club varies with the number of Academy sessions per team and how the program is delivered. Our Academy offers high-quality soccer training that works with each players’ individual needs. 

Higher Level Programs: